MailChimp Games

mailchimp games

Using Mailchimp and games which are embedded interactive games such as a Prize Wheel, Scratch Off, Golf, Slot Machine and even Drop Disk, a Plinko style game.

Using games in MailChimp as below will engage your email list with something fun and different.

Every business has a different niche and adopting a beneficial email marketing strategy can be difficult. You are ambiguous about what might work or what might not work. If I talk about the modern phase of online marketing, there are many flash in the pan marketing strategies. The marketing strategy is continuously struggling to come up with a marketing and a branding strategy which might work for every niche. Due to this struggle, they have been successful enough to come up with the concept of gamification or branding games in marketing strategies.  In fact, many businesses have adopted this technique and it has proved to be beneficial for business growth. Mailchimp games engage and reward your entire email list.

Branded email marketing games are fun and can spice up your marketing strategies. Your customers would be more engaged on your website and would visit your website to conduct the information in a fun way.

Games are an interactive way to communicate and to reach out to your customers. You can elaborate your brand’s niche through an informative, and fun way.


You can use branded games in your MailChimp emails, and on your website to introduce a new product in between the game or before or after the game. This helps the customers to have a better insight into what products are you selling and what services are you providing. You can use the games on your website as a tool for advertising your products and the services.

Your customers would be more interested in the new products if you give them at a discounted price for playing the game. Putting a new product at a discounted price through the game can actually help you to boost your sales. For instance, you can grant a 10% discount or give some vouchers, points or rewards on your latest products. It would help you to create awareness about your products and your brand’s niche.